First Ever STEREO Images of the Entire Sun    
  Author: NASA

Date: 2011

Description: Rotating solar sphere made from a combination of imagery from the two STEREO spacecraft, together with simultaneous data from the Solar Dynamic Observatory.
The STEREO mission consists of two spacecraft orbiting the Sun, one moving a bit faster than Earth and the other a little slower. In the time since the STEREO spacecraft entered these orbits near the beginning of 2007 they have been slowly separating. In Feb. 2011 they reach the point at which they are on opposite sides of the Sun and can observe the entire far side of the Sun.
This movie is made from data taken on January 31, 2011. STEREO is able to take images like this once every ten minutes. Because the STEREO separation was still slightly less than 180 degrees at that time, the small gap on the far side of the Sun has been interpolated over to simulate the full 360 degree view that STEREO will see.
Source: NASA