Expedição Amazónia    
  Author: Grupo do Risco

Date: 2010

Description: Between December 26, 2009 and January 9, 2010 a team of 25 persons from the Arts, Sciences and Humanities – artists, photographers, designers, doctors, scholars and journalists – visited the ecosystem with the richest biodiversity on Earth and recorded freely and spontaneously, day and night, their impressions about Amazonia. Sometimes on board of the house-boat “Doninha”, in exploratory trips in canoes, sometimes walking through the forest on the shores of the Solimões and the Rio Negro rivers.
The participants of this expedition were inspired by the “Viagem Philosofica” to Grão Pará, Rio Negro, Mato Grosso and Cuyabá, headed by Rodrigues Ferreira between 1783 and 1792, which gave birth to a rich production of scientific drawings.