Science and Art are two different ways to relate to the world - including in this term both nature and human beings. Looking at images produced in Science and in Art we are struck by their intriguing affinities and their immeasurable differences. Through Art and Science we can explore, understand and interpret the world. In the project Image in Science and Art we are committed to look for crossings between Science and Art, without forgetting that while scientific images are meant to produce objective explanations of the world, art works are created for their own sake and are open to multiple interpretations. In this Collection we invite artists to show images of artworks that, although not overtly inspired by Science, share with it an "inner affinity". Works that, for example, are inspired by the shapes of Nature, or by the objects of Ethnology; by the complexity of the human body or by the abstract nature of mathematical thought. It is an open repository: artist, galleries and museums are invited to collaborate sending images and videos.

 Ana André 

 Graça Delgado 

 Graça Erika 

 Joana Consiglieri 

 João Jacinto 

 Katherine Sirois 

 Manuel Gantes 

 Maria José Oliveira 

 Maria José Palla 

 Rodrigo Vilhena 

 Sérgio Pombo 

 Tatiana Amaral 

 Teresa Magalhães 

 Vasco Vidigal